Engage me to live more for You

The Puritans were men and women of stature and virtue. They were a people of holy aspiration. Each sought to live in moral excellence, a purpose of their prayer.

In this Puritan prayer below note the seeds of righteousness, that cry to indulge the Lord at cost to themselves. They requested the Lord to give them more of His likeness, thus jettisoning the never-ending fashioning of their own likeness.

The Puritans cultivated the thirsts of their soul via prayer. This is the true spiritual health that survives the return of Jesus.


I can but tell You that You know

I long for nothing except You,

nothing but holiness,

nothing but union with Your will.

You have given me these desires,

And You alone can give the thing I desire.

My soul longs for communion with You,

for the killing of indwelling corruption, especially spiritual pride.

How precious it is

to have a tender sense and clear apprehension

of the mystery of godliness,

of true holiness!

It is the largest of blessings to be like You

Enlarge my soul to contain the fullness of holiness

Engage me to live more for You.

Wrap my life in Your divine love,

and keep me ever desiring You,

always humble, more fixed on You

that I am fitted and ready to serve You. AMEN

I will call on my Lord as long as I live. (Psalm 116:2c)

The correct response to God's activity in me is that my activity shines for Him

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Ceaseless interior prayer is a yearning of the human spirit towards God'. ~ Henri Nouwen