Fishing for Satan's Reason!

Soul Snack 141/14 ... Why does God continue to permit satan's presence in His world?

This question has vexed both the most intelligent and the most basic of minds since Eden.

The story is told that:

There were some fishermen from a coastal Chinese village who fished in their traditional waters near the shore. Each day they would return to their market with very fresh fish and usually received a good price for these fish.

In contrast the fishermen who cast their nets far out at sea returned late and by the time they docked, their fish had become limp and glassy eyed. They rarely received a good price. Rightly dissatisfied with their lot they consulted a sage who counselled them to place the catfish they caught into the boat's hold with all the other fish, rather than returning the unwanted catfish to the sea.

With wisdom they responded positively to his advice, and threw the catfish in with the remainder of the haul in the dark hold on their ensuing day of fishing. The catfish chased the fish nipping at their tails and continually kept them on the move until the ship had returned to the markets. When the boat had docked these fish were still jumping and bright eyed - the fishermen smiled brightly as they now received a superior price.

It is in the same manner that satan is granted by God to nip the heels of the saints.

Lethargy of the disciple is not permitted as satan drives each believer to their knees, for those who have suffered are done with sin.

And when they dock at heaven the disciple will also be full of life and energised to share in all the festivities.

There is no doubt that satan's presence keeps Christians on their mettle.#

Temptation drives you from God, but testing drives you to God.

When tempted, no one should say, ‘God is tempting me.’ For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; (James 1:13)

There is nothing to focus the soul of faith better, than the questions that nips to the heels beg of each believer.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Jesus come to feed you, satan comes to fool you.

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#This edited anecdote is attributed to evangelist Leland Wang a contemporary of Watchman Nee.