God's Sidearm

Soul Snack 102/14 ... Pride is running block on God. It is the spiritual sidearm of those devoted to falling and foolishness. The proud shoot the humble.

Pride is a stumbling block to the bearer.

It is the dwelling of the fault-finder, the lounge room of the glory-seeker and a roaring invitation to Divine opposition.

Where there is pride the servant is of little value to the Lord.

Where there is pride, humility is replaced by self-achievement.

Pride rewrites the Bible:

I can do all things through me who strengthens me.

Pride claims to the blinded spirit 'I can solve all my problems', while humility casts them to God.

Humility is the recognition of impotence.

Humility is the strength of the soul; the glue that bonds faith to Heaven.

The ascent of pride is the descent into self-slavery. It is an altar of bondage without peer.

Pride to its owner is as unseen as the wind, but its movements are equally visible to the observer.

The strength of pride can be a breeze or a hurricane. The amount of damage it creates proves its power.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. (James 4:1)

For those who choose pride and so become an obstacle to God - He returns the favor.

BUT to those who humble themselves, they receive God's grace and become themselves a mighty sidearm to the Lord's arsenal upon earth.

The lowly He sets on high, (Job 5:11a)

Magnify my vision Lord to see what you see. I am selfishly myopic, blindly deceived and knocked sightless by my own pride. Open my eyes to your vistas, that the charms of this world and the darkness of my proud sin no longer hinder enjoying you, and dwelling with you each day. AMEN

Today's Soul Snippet:

Teach me Father to pray for what is on your heart and not just mine. AMEN

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