Great Mercy

Soul Snack 230/13 ... Great Mercy

The Christian Church (Jesus' bride) is God's wonderful creation for the up-building and preservation of His saints.

BUT - have you ever detected a restless evil born without the church, but living within it? This restless evil injures those who belong to the Groom.

Christ's body is riddled with much cancer from all manner of abuses. Therefore the souls and bodies of believers bleed the wounding, and bear the scars.

Maybe these brief thoughts could also resonate with you?

Whether the sin lies within a Roman Catholic church that markets salvation, a proud Protestant church that thumps pulpits in a correct theological pride, or the Pentecostal church that elevates prophets who preach their own imaginations - this cancer multiplies!

Have you ever wondered why this is so, or how our good Lord addresses such issues?

What is He doing about such a fervent sickness, for He always remains the god of great mercy?

We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy. (Dan 9:18)

Have you ever considered how the good Lord feels at such unloving treatment of His saints and towards Himself?

These thoughts and so much more are addressed in SoulSupply's first book - GREAT MERCY.

GREAT MERCY is a book for those who have loved and then lost the fellowship of yesterday.

GREAT MERCY is a book for those whose heart has softened and their love fermented.

GREAT MERCY is a book for those who are dry and dissatisfied by an elderly faith regime, that still ministers with its hands in its pockets...

You may even find yourself in GREAT MERCY.

GREAT MERCY is available NOW on-line at this link.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Grooms look for attention but this Bride only gives activity."#

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#Michael Cartwright, GREAT MERCY ~ (Bloomington IN, WestBow Press, 2013), 12