Growing Old Disgracefully?#

I am aging a bit. (Well - just a mildish understatement.)

As you grow older, it’s sad that there is more hair growing in your ears than on your head.

You apologise to your wife for all the grunting and groaning that has interrupted her TV viewing in the other room. Then you stretch and flex a little to recover from feigned exercise because you know she is watching.

Your doctor, wife, dentist, physio, chiro and daughter occupy the first six slots on your speed–dial.

Eventually, life gets confusing.

The police tell you to speed up while the doctor begs you to slow down. This is all well and good, if only you could remember where you were heading in the first place. 

I knew things had gotten bad the day my nearest and dearest gave me a “Fitbit". 

It is the gift that tells you something, it's kinda like buying her an apron.

The Fitbit is a modern torture device to strap around one’s wrist. It looks harmless but just as a geo-sat device can be inserted under the skin of a wandering pet, or an ankle bracelet can ensure compliance with a home detention order, the Fitbit has the purpose of keeping its victim accountable. It counts your every step, every second of evry day. NO ESCAPE.

Surely growing old is disgraced when a tiny machine condemns (or rewards) your activity, as a traffic light condemns (or rewards) your eyesight.

The mission of the aging has morphed into simple compliance to a tiny battery.

Thankfully the Lord is not as brutal as a Fitbit. He always knows where you are travelling, even if you don't. He neither seeks to further 'torture' the weary, but would rather honor them.

Age is never to become the place of life-sapping disgrace. In the good Lord's eyes it is the time for further love-giving grace.

The Lord is a shield to the righteous, those who have stood firm in the searing heats of life, not withered in its temptations or ducked in its wars.

Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favour as with a shield. (Psalm 5:12)

Unlike man He does not count the footsteps of the aging, but guards them.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"God loves me as much as He loves Jesus. Wow!" ~ Brennan Manning

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# Today's SoulSnack was reproduced with gracious permission from Dr Stuart Quarmby and edited by SoulSupply