Has Your Name Been In A Mud Run?

Maybe oceans of mud have been splashed all over your name by another, or even by yourself?

When mud is thrown it sticks, clinging correctly or incorrectly to your name. You can be known fairly of unfairly for:

  • shame, dishonor, sin...
  • wilfulness, foolishness, impulsiveness...
  • responses, actions and hatreds... (and so much more).

All these contribute to the pollution of your the name before men, the cost of reputation and the glare or voice of ill-judgements. 

Old names may become worn with time, but not often lost through time. 

Old names remain tarred by the sins we are known for, or the greeds we have lived for.

Clearing a name is surely a climb of Everest? 

But the time of a NEW NAME is yet to come, it arrives for he who overcomes.

No longer will I the sinner be known for who I was, but now for who I am - a new man, a pillar in the Temple of the Lord my God.

Keep your eyes on the prize, that the legs may be strong and the heart beats sound.

The time is soon to arrive when Jesus won't address you (or I) by your earthly name in heaven, but will call you by a new everlasting name. No longer will you be known by your mistakes, errors, foolishness or worse still - another's lies. 

I will give them an everlasting name that will not be cut off. (Isaiah 56:5c)

(SEE also similar Bible verses - Isaiah 62:2 & Revelation 3:12)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Jesus is God's eternal warrior to break the stronghold of ritual." Michael Cartwright

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