If it was dead safe I wouldn't do it!

Mountaineering is a mind captivating extreme sport. Prior to 2007 the death rate for climbers of Mt Everest was 10%.

Motorcycle racing conjures extreme images of horror, fear, courage and speed. 

Thirty-Eight miles of terror is one descriptor of the annual Isle of Mann Motorcycle TT#. It is described (largely without contradiction) as the world's deadliest sporting event.

Competitor Guy Martin reflected after visiting death in one race ... If it was dead safe I wouldn't do it. 

Extremes can be as remote as they are excessive. Yet God is the God of extremes too.

Remote does not escape God, excess does not fear God.

Extremities in action or thought indicate a lightly restrained (if at all) indulgence. It is a simple task in the pursuit of the extreme to find it as a bed partner to sin. 

Those who pursue extremes lack sensible judgement.

It is unlikely that at extremities righteousness is available, or even present.

Better to be found in the middle with self-control, than at the ends with indulgence, dishonor and harm.

The wise man knows clearly the time to stop as well as to begin.

That which God has placed naturally out of mans' reach is as tantalizing as it is dangerous.

There are dangers and forebodings, extravagances and weaknesses, vulnerabilities and helplessness at extremes, these God would protect us all from.

The man of sobriety shudders at extremes, because it is there that adventure turns to harm.

The man of pride reaches for the extreme to establish himself.

The man who pleases God avoids all extremes.

It is good to grasp the one and not let go of the other. Whoever fears God will avoid all extremes. (Ecclesiastes 7:18)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'It is possible to be diligent in our religion, yet distant in our relationship.' ~ anon

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#TT = Tourist Trophy, a motorcycle racing event that began in 1907 on the Isle of Mann.