International Treasure

Pirates sail to search the oceans and explorers hunt the earth for a bounty well beyond imagination. But such riches are already available, have been for a very long time and are FREE.

God's Word is a mine, a trove of endless wealth. For the miner who digs persistently into the Bible's soft soil, treasures await that dull gold and cloud diamonds.

The Bible is the guide from my sin-flled yesterdays to stir my holy tomorrows. But it is far deeper than a record of salvation's history or the turning tides of life. The Bible contains unfathomable riches, more profound and valuable than simple historical records and narratives can ever yield.

The Bible is God's living word that speaks to me, or sometimes screams to me. It will never leave me to wander alone upon my own judgements, or subject to my ill-informed devices.

God's Word is so powerful that its purposes are always accomplished, anywhere in the world, at any time. His words will never return to Him void.

He who has been instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven has many new and old treasures to bring out and share with the world. (See Matthew 13:52)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Humility prepares the soul to the tenacious holding of Christ.

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