Christ's Cells - A

Soul Snack 113/12 ... Christ's Cells - A

Are you disenfranchised by denominations, do you thirst for a fresh worship and hunger for undiluted righteousness?

Do you weary of religion pretending to be relationship?

Are you worn out worshipping via education at the cost of edification?

...try to excel in gifts that build up the church. (1 Cor 14:12b)

Would you like a church where...

  • religion is replaced by relationship,
  • ritual is replaced by remembering,
  • the shepherds serve the sheep and not the sheep serve the shepherds,
  • the past doesn't rule the present,
  • history is replaced by hope,
  • priests are replaced by people,
  • the full Jesus is taught,
  • it is not about its own perpetuity,
  • the Holy Spirit replaces theology as the only source of truth,
  • academia is replaced by advocacy, affirmation and approval while
  • contemporary reality jettisons yesterday's ritual.

Do you bleed for a church where He who remains the The Word is worshipped and not just studied?

Is there a yearning for a church that believes it is the heart that apprehends God and not just the reason?

Is your search for a Christian church that makes no promises to the past but still believes in an unchanging God for the future?

If your heart is so troubled be assured by J.O. Fraser's thinking:

When God creates a fresh desire in us you can be sure He is ready to move.

Today's Soul Snippet:

He who receives much love knows little need of God.

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