Knowing you are important

Soul Snack 109/12 ... Knowing you are important

Approval, affirmation, attention and affection are the piers of healthy emotions and a stable life. They are laid with bricks of love and they are to construct each soul and spirit from conception but this doesn't always happen. Yet the seed of well-being and the kernel of harmony still reaches up for watering when nurture has been impeded. Everybody still wants to know that they are important to at least one other.

You know you are valued when another invites you into their life or selflessly (not cursorily) enquires of yours. They will sit with you, share of themselves with you, sing with you and maybe (most importantly?) want to share in your life with you. They may sit at your feet, stretch out their arms, gaze with attentive eyes, rejoice with you and even dwell in a comfortable silence with you. They will accompany you on the treadmills of distress, share an open heart and peer kindly (not judgementally) into your needful heart. When these events arrive you know you are important to another.

This is God's desire too for you; He lingered in Eden with Adam and still wants to stroll with you today. He doesn't bellow or berate but softly leans forward with eyes of love to engage your heart - without a word these fond eyes invite and speak:

will you sit with Me today for I would love to hear from YOU?

As they make music they will sing - "all my springs of joy are in you." (Ps 87:7)

Today's Soul Snippet:

All of Christ is for all of life.