Stairway to Heaven

Soul Snack 127/12 ... Stairway to Heaven

The most requested song on US FM radio in the 70s played for a massive duration of eight minutes and two seconds. This anthem of Babylon received inspiration from a book called Magic Arts in Celtic Britain penned by journalist Lewis Spence. Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven captured well the unredeemed heart that still thinks it can climb to God, reaching heaven through its own abilities.

Neither is it a Christian's own talents that keeps them headed to heaven taking one step further up their divine staircase each day. It is easy for a Christian to fear falling from these steps to heaven that God has placed them upon. Satan wants to trip each believer to doubt in the resolve of God the good Father to lovingly ensure secure handrails are in place with a non-slip paint on each step.

My stairway to heaven is nailed to His promises and a potent love that is tenaciously refusing to release me. There is a death-defying and life-inspiring confidence for me in this.

The Father's faithfulness to me is always firmer than my faithfulness to Him. His fidelity is my salvation security.

God's arms always reach down further than my legs can ever climb up.

His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart (Ps 91:4c)

Today's Soul Snippet:

My sin is not permanent because my Father's grace is.