Keeping it

Soul Snack 152/11 ... Keeping it

Satan seeks to rob you of your most precious possession. It is the apex and purpose of all his attacks. He will tempt you to exchange it for the pleasures of today. He will leave few stones unturned.

He knows:

You can't buy it,

You can't steal it,

You can't sell it,

You can't swap it,

You can't store it,

You can't save it,

You can't polish it.



You can own it,

You can multiply it,

You can sadly live without it,

You can be lukewarm to it,

You can lose it and

You can even give it away while still keeping it.


You MUST know

It is more precious than much fine gold,

It is more important than breath,

It is born with you,

It outlives you.

It is your purpose for today and your promise for tomorrow

It transcends your successes and covers your failures,

It is wrestled with,

It is maligned and even ignored.

It is your path to forever traversed well now.

It is your faith - DON"T LEAVE EARTH WITHOUT IT.

your faith is of greater worth than gold (1 Peter 1:7)

Today's Soul Snippet:

As Christians we are educated well beyond our obedience. We know a lot more than we do.