At Jesus' feet

Soul Snack 176/12 ... At Jesus' feet

When we sit in His presence the cares of the world are forgotten, at His feet we learn to love the Lord more than our worries and we are able to find that calm place. At His feet all our fears are melted like wax and it is there we find true contentment. (Annette Shankar)

An unnamed lady of ill-repute drowned Jesus' feet in her tears despite Pharisaic condemnation. Mary sat at His sandals in her busy home despite Martha's loud disapproval. This very same Mary also anointed Jesus' feet in perfume prior to His crucifixion, accompanied by Judas' deceitful objections. Both ladies found Jesus' support, received His graceful encouragement and enjoyed Jesus' defence of them.

Other's will question, condemn and blame those willing to give of themselves to Jesus BUT good things will surely happen to each who would be lower than Jesus.

My father will honor the one who serves me. (Jn 12:26b)

Today's Soul Snippet:

We each need to be humbled before we can be cleansed.