All is Grace

Soul Snack 26/12 ... All is Grace#

At the end there is always grace.

I believe my favorite author Brennan Manning has written his final testament to grace - he can say no more!

In his life-levelling, jaw-dropping autobiography only published last year# this outrageously redeemed writer/priest scribbles humbly about his equally outrageous unredeemed life. In such a candid and humbling monument to broken living he signs his name to the axiom of where a troubled seed is sown a tortured harvest is reaped.

At 77 years of age (and now under constant care) from his apartment in Belmar - New Jersey, Brennan Manning closes his autobiography with:

Now there's no more crowds and no more lights,

still all is grace.

Now my eyes are wrapped in endless night

still all is grace.

Now I pace the dark and sleep the day

yet I can still hear my Father say -

"all is grace."


It was easy as a younger man

To squander in the far off land

Where sin was sin, like black is black,

But older brother sin is white,

this doubt that creeps me up at night -

"does Jesus love me still?"


Now I take my meds and hear the game,

still all is grace.

Now old friends drop in and bless my name

still all is grace.

Now a prodigal I'll always be

yet still my Father runs to me.

All is grace.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God (Eph 2:8)

My soul is free and my future is safe when I seize that all is grace.

At the end there is always grace.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Grace is always greater than the sum of sins." - John Blase


# Brennan Manning with John Blase - All Is Grace (Colorado Springs, Co: DavidCCook 2011)