The Secrets of Darkness

Soul Snack 175/12 ... The Secrets of Darkness

The wasted day was as expired as her energy, yet even with her head softly sunk upon the pillow, sleep eluded. Her eyes were at rest behind closed eyelids, yet her mind was not. She had entered the perfect classroom for self-teaching.

She thought she knew it all, but until now humility had never beeped across her radar screen.  Humiliation was again the order of that day. Failure is frequently a great ego leveller, with pride being the strongest resistor to such levelling.

Repeated failures need to be assessed she now knew. Strongholds of self-confidence surely required a prayerful and deliberate self-audit. She who had been so sure of herself, measured life that sleepless evening, assessed her self-judgements and humbly found them to be glaringly wanting.

As she lay in the secrets of darkness she finally understood she had now become what she had despised but this was really OK.

The wise will assess their life and they will question their self-judgements because...

Humility is becoming what you have despised and realising that you were wrong.

Success might again knock on her door.

For this is what the high and lofty One says—
he who lives forever, whose name is holy:
"I live in a high and holy place,
but also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit,
to revive the spirit of the lowly
and to revive the heart of the contrite. (Is 57:15)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Fasting is emptying me of me so He can fill me with Him."

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