God's Two Measurements of Life

Soul Snack 34/12 ... God's Two Measurements of Life

There are kernels in most lives that seek to sprout purpose. What is it about purpose that defines and drives a life? Is a fool a person who chooses to live life without a higher purpose?

The Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes is authored by a king of immense wealth and untold influence, presiding over arguably the largest ancient empire up to its time. King Solomon (who knew the gift of wisdom) writes, is indeed consumed with the lack of value to life - he calls this a chasing after the wind.

Life's purpose is so commonly assessed in pennies, popularity or power. (Those given to some intellectual acumen may see life summed up by influence or relationships as well.) What man values God doesn't!

What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight. (Lk 16:15c)

So how would God sum up life's purposes? What does God value? What yardstick would God raise?

God has only two measuring tools of a life lived wisely and well:

I will make justice the measuring line
   and righteousness the plumb line; (Is 28:17)

Justice and righteousness are God's canon of purpose. God measures life by what we gave and not by what we got.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Possessions are as hollow as the grave is dark and popularity fades like the afternoon sun."