Adam's problem

Soul Snack 8/12 ... Adam's problem

At times I wonder if I have to understand what the absence of love looks like to truly grasp the presence of love. Without love's absence can love's presence ever be correctly valued?

This must have been Adam's problem! How difficult is this to imagine - Adam walked with God in Eden and still had a problem! He actually did not know he lived with Love.

Surely if Adam had appreciated he was literally living and walking with Love he would never have (not even for a nanosecond) exchanged Love for a lie - yet he did.

Sadly Adam lost the only trustworthy, reliable and permanent feature of the universe, God's love.

What Adam had to lose we now have to gain.

God is where love begins and ends. Adam began with Love - we can finish with it.

God is love. (1 Jn 4:8c)

Today's Soul Snippet:

The sum of life is neither found in abundance nor activity, nor is it found in prosperity or performance - it is found in love.