Stone's throw

Soul Snack 1/12 ... Stone's throw

What will you tell the Lord when you meet Him?

After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them. (Acts 16:10)

Through midnight gloom from Macedon
The cry of myriads as of one,
The voiceful silence of despair,
Is eloquent in awful prayer,
The soul’s exceeding bitter cry,
“Come o’er and help us, or we die.”

How mournfully it echoes on!
For half the earth is Macedon;
These brethren to their brethren call,
And by the Love which loved them all,
And by the whole world’s Life they cry,
“O ye that live, behold we die!”

By other sounds the world is won
Than that which wails from Macedon;
The roar of gain around it rolled,
Or men unto themselves are sold,
And cannot list the alien cry,
“O hear and help us, lest we die!”

Yet with that cry from Macedon
The very car of Christ rolls on;
“I come; who would abide My day
In yonder wilds prepare My way;
My voice is crying in their cry;
Help ye the dying, lest ye die.”

Jesu, for men of Man the Son,
Yes, Thine the cry from Macedon;
O by the kingdom and the power
And glory of Thine advent hour,
Wake heart and will to hear their cry;
Help us to help them, lest we die! ...
(Samuel J. Stone 1871)

So what will you tell the Lord when you meet Him? What defence can you offer prostrate upon the floor? You were busy fishing, His call was too inconvenient or maybe it was those oxen you just had to test drive (see Luke 14:19).

This world is eternally needful of the Jesus that saves them and not just the Jesus they swear about.

No Christian can plead ignorance to Jesus' call for that is why they are first Christ-followers.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Worship the Lord of the book and not the Book of the Lord.