A Titanic Thought

Soul Snack 54/12 ... A Titanic Thought

'If you love me you will obey my teaching' (John 14:15a)

Foaming and sloping decks were no obstacle to this hero nor did the bitter cold of an autumn North Atlantic midnight demand a coat. His selflessly expended energy warmed him more than sufficiently. He chose not to save himself but others. At 2:20am April 15th 1912 this hero's life was needlessly snatched. Even at 46,000 tons, the vessel he had designed and seen built was no match for the invisible iceberg. This creator now fully knew his limitations.

At 12:05 am a 39 year old Irishman Thomas Andrews had concluded his inspection of the damage. He knew the ship was irretrievably holed. For the ensuing brief two hours he embarked on his own frenetic rescue mission. Disbelieving and reluctant passengers were so slow to heed his warnings. Hesitancy was no quality when the creator warned of impending destruction. The time for disagreement and lethargy was long gone -- 467 empty life boat seats silently testified to the recalcitrance that greeted this last minute hero. Obedience was needed but disobedience was received. Death was the only possible result.

Intellectual assent to Christ is no more valuable than seeing the life boats on The Titanic but refusing to get in. The Creator still bellows into our shipwrecks for un-restrained and immediate co-operation.

Gethsemane shouted for His will above mine.

The Cross screamed salvation by repentance, but it is still my decision to obey.

The empty tomb promised eternity if only I would take it.

There is no place for a minimum obedience and there is no place for a constrained devotion to Christ. Christ does not call followers to an advisory capacity - He demands my instant and complete submission now, that I may enjoy Him eternally. In this alone is found both my contemporary and forever well-being.

The word everything is simply all inclusive - "He who does not give up everything he has CANNOT be My disciple." - Jesus

Complete compliance to another --what a Titanic Thought.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"I don't have to be anyone special to be extremely special in God's eyes." - Marie Wikle