Abiding in Peace - B

Soul Snack 70/12 ... Abiding in Peace - B

Floating permanently upon the shallow pond of life is the gilded lily of God's love. This lily is gilded by the truth of an unrestrained submissive love from Heaven which is truly solid gold.

It is most wonderful to know of God's love, yet this too can be so easily clouded by the shadows of one's own sin.

This false echo bounces through my thinking... how could God love me when I still sin so deeply?

It is needful to be vigilant with sin, fight with sin's persistence and to refuse to permit God's love to be an excuse for personal toleration of sin.

Neither permit sin to conceal your truce with the Almighty through Jesus. His love means you are NOW at peace with God. You have apprehended this by faith.

Wrestle with sin, repent of sin, remove sin and repair from sin but always remember that NOW His love gives you peace with God.

God does not hold your sin against you - neither should you. Permitting the presence of sin and its condemnation to constantly be upon you is to lose peace.

You are no longer an enemy of God but His friend. The golden light of Divine love is to be heaven's torch revealing His peace to you. There is peace on earth to those on whom God's favor rests. You are a recipient, the place of God's favor.

...we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation. (Roms 5:11)

Today's Soul Snippet:

The unexamined life is a life without a rudder.