To the serially rejected

Soul Snack 55/13 ... To the serially rejected 

The torn heart, the compressed soul or the shattered spirit is the dwelling of the serially rejected.

Rejection runs deeper than all other wounds. It both surrounds and abounds upon the very fabric of the regularly disdained.

Rejection is an unbreakable taskmaster. It is glued to those who have been bathed in it or anointed under it. 

Rejection becomes such a possessive owner that it finds fault and fearfully searches for evidence where there is none. An inflamed and raw heart can see the approach of rejection at one hundred paces.

With a premature gasp at self-protection the rejected withdraw. New acquaintances are spurned with a dismissal learned from the driving rains of life. And so the cycle continues; the rejected become the rejectors and loneliness spirals upwards while depression spirals down.

The congenitally rejected can miss the cues of love and the signs of grace. In these sad lives love is as unintelligible as a foreign language while acceptance is as unexpected as a lottery win.

Rejection was at first absent in Eden. Rejection was an early fruit picked from the Tree of Knowledge. Satan was rejected (expelled) from heaven and so ensured God's image would be rejected upon earth.  Satan has simply shared his rejection with God's creation.

God knew rejection before you did. He knows rejection intimately, every minute of every day but He still chooses to love.

It is too easy to find rejection - but for those who do there is your Divine lover who can sympathise, empathize and dry your eyes. He still draws you close, delights in your presence and beams at your smiles for...

this lover turns no-one away.

...whoever comes to me I will NEVER drive away. (Jn 6:37)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Jesus died for the lost, the least, the last and the lonely.