Of Ritual & Religion

Soul Snack 225/13 ... Of Ritual & Religion

My soul has been shaped, then numbed and my spirit parched by worship. I have led countless church services with a prescribed form and participated in even more. This is a liturgical church service.

For too many years souls have labored and spirits ached at liturgy as a form of worship. Liturgy has become the dwelling of the religiously comfortable. It is the fluid in the chalice of those who prefer Old Wine.

Liturgy is repetition. It has become a ritual that must be conducted in a man-mandated correct manner; all in the name of a God-honoring worship. But Jesus wants otherwise:

For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings. (Hosea 6:6)

In a vibrant chat with a wicked woman (see John 4) Jesus explained there are only two correct necessities for God-pleasing worship - find them out in this seventy-four second Snackshot..



Today's Soul Snippet:

"Now is the time of liberation for the prisoners of religion who mourn, groan and grieve." Quote from soulsupply's first book GREAT MERCY arriving soon.)

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