Expecting satan

Soul Snack 24/13 ... Expecting satan

There is a ribbon of light flowing across each Christian's soul. It is a darkness dispelling flow that sin flees from. This ribbon nourishes all righteousness. The light removes darkness and replaces it with heaven's beams.

This light illumines the path of the faithful, provides the wisdom to walk well and shines the invitation to not grow weary. It beams from God's Word as His divine gift within all who would open it and turn its pages.

To know this light is an inexpressible joy that satan will seek to rob and attempt to switch off.


When walking upon the Lord's path expect satan to:

  • say you are not on it
  • say you are too busy to stay on it
  • say you already have the light so you don't need to seek it anymore
  • say you are not walking it well or not good enough to be on it
  • say you will walk away from it, it is too hard so give up now or
  • show you another even far more attractive path.

The heights of heaven are only ever reached when the depths of temptations are not entertained and are assigned to their home of darkness.

I know that you are pleased with me for my enemy does not triumph over me (Ps 41:11)

Today's Soul Snippet:

The prayers of today are watering the faith of tomorrow.