The Silent God

Soul Snack 103/12 ... The Silent God?

Unseen, unheard, unfelt and remote is the God who lives in heaven and deigns to glance upon His mere handiwork so extravagantly far below - what really has He done for you and me?

What is value added about knowing Him, serving Him and attempting to respond to Him?

Why stoop the head, flagellate the back and purse the lips to one so aloof?

WELL here goes why...

My Lord and Father you have;

sung at my birth,

counted my tears,

cleared my eyes, 

caught my falling heart,

bandaged my worn knees,

lifted my descending spirit,

promised and then gave me hope,

directed my faltering footsteps,

remained beside me,

stood under me,

extended your scarred hands to me,

roused yourself from rest for me,

spoken gentle words of approval,

been consistently and safely soft, kind and smiling,

been gracious and full of good will,

filled my empty cup to overflowing...

O Lord - how can I ever repay you?

O Lord truly I am your servant; I am your servant ... you have freed me from my chains. (Ps 116:16)

Today's Soul Snippet:

I do not know what life holds for me, but I do know what heaven holds for me.