Spring Rain

Soul Snack 84/12 ... Spring Rain

Dormant, yet healthy abilities lie unrealised in each one of us. They need watering and then nurturing. They need raising and then releasing, but circumstances conspire so people wither inside. A dehydrated spirit or an unfed/miss-fed soul will deliver a weakened heart.

With an almost tireless regularity the evil one strives to rob us of our destiny with false promises (lies) to quench the thirsty spirit. His intentions are to remove each from a higher good, pleasing and perfect will. Satan manipulates with a seductive or a destructive malevolence. He distracts each of us with deceiving desires. Satan seeks to keep those heaven bound from heaven's help.

God has his own watering system for the dehydrated spirit - daily He holds it open above the believer's heads. The nozzle is set to a gentle, soaking spray.

God sees the shrivelled seeds and the faint heart still planted within each of us. He knows exactly what they are because He planted them.  

These are seeds of:

  •   gifting and abilities,
  •   mercy and grace,
  •   love and justice,
  •   comfort and faith,
  •   His influence that will bring each great joy and
  •   blessings for eternal benefits.

God's watering system is His Holy Spirit. His tap is turned on by request (see Luke 11:13), remains flowing with obedience and soaks in our stillness.

God's living water dampened each of us yesterday, nourishes each of us today and can nurture each of us tomorrow.

It is in stillness all are open to the moisture of Heaven.

Close the umbrella of busyness or lethargy and prayerfully sit beneath a tree, or on a field below His open skies, that He may water you afresh today.

the Spirit is poured upon us from on high, and the desert becomes a fertile field, and the fertile field seems like a forest. (Is 32:15)

Daily His gracious Spirit is to each like a rain cloud in spring.

Today’s Soul Snippet:

Humility is becoming what you have despised and then realising that you were wrong.