To sin's greatest victim

Soul Snack 35/12 ... To sin's greatest victim

Am I alone in this prayer?

Father, everybody has a polluted relationship with you, if they have a relationship at all. You are prevented from enjoying a pure relationship with any of your children this side of heaven. Your heart must ache as any loving father's would. Not only is your soul scorched by my sin, it is super-heated by the world's. My sin has robbed me of You, but it robs You too of me and so much more - for You have never chosen for sin. My Father you are even  the greater victim of my sin than I am.

Too often I have withdrawn from your house, refused your counsel and tarried in your absence. Too often I have hurt your heart while only indulging mine, made my comfort my rule and forgotten your Christ.

Father I want to lament with you, sit with you and care for you, yes I want to be close to you BUT I know that I will sin yet again and again. Amen

 for who is he who will devote himself
   to be close to me?’  declares the LORD. (Jer 30:21b)

When sin looms large, remember who is injured the most.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Sin is never conducted in a vacuum.