Thy Kingdom Come

Soul Snack 78/13 ... Thy Kingdom Come

I saw a man dressed in white; a human man now dead but alive again, full of longing. He pleaded with another man arrayed in the brightest of whites for release to be rained upon earth.

Captured saints were constrained without reason, denied the courses of justice and tortured in their bodies. Day and night their souls and spirits cried out for heaven's help; for a rescue that this world refuses lovers of Jesus.

Then I saw another martyr kneeling with clasped hands before the Throne of Grace pleading for the saints still alive upon earth; saints in the tribulation that were enduring unspeakable tortures.

As I looked up I saw heaven's throne awash with the tears of the Father and the Son. Their tears plagued an equally tortured spirit - the Holy Spirit of Truth. In a brief moment of silence all of heaven stood still. During this calm seals were broken and The Book of Life was opened. The man in white was still upon his knees and his hands remained locked.

Expectation oozed across the streets of gold that tolerance of evil would no longer reign from heaven. Surely the terror of judgement would now spill across the earth, the saints would be lifted to the skies and their righteousness revealed.

Immobilised the man in white hung his head very low. HIs eyes were now unseen. Heaven had not spoken and the Throne of Grace still wept.#

He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place. (Dan 11:36b)

God sees all, knows all and FEELS all - but still waits.

Please pray as Jesus has taught for two thousand years THY KINGDOM COME!

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Prophets are God's emergency men for crisis hours." ~ Leonard Ravenhill

# Today's SoulSnack is reproduced from MyParable - The Man In White