New Year Soul Supply Changes

Firstly, a BIG THANK YOU to the many SoulSupply subscribers who offer feedback and thanks. One recent message from this week: 

Thank you so much for all the lovely “Soul Supply” messages we continually receive. They are greatly appreciated and valued.

Please just 'hit' reply with your thoughts too, on any SoulSnack you receive. ENJOY may other enocuragements here.

Secondly, in order to permit a new SoulSupply mission work in January, the regular SoulSnacks will be limited to one per week (each Monday, as in the early days of SoulSupply), but normal supply will return from February 5th.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may bring.

SoulSnack's new 2018 series coming up in February: 

5 Friends of Spiritual Resilience:

1) The Shelter of Humility
2) The Seeking of God's Face
3) The Thirsting of the Soul
4) The Crucifixion of the Soul &
5) The Guarding of the Heart