Noah held a 2nd Job

Noah hammered away for a century to build God's ark. But, Noah too held a second job, he was a preacher of righteousness to a world the Lord assessed as only wicked all the time.

With satanic precision the world now lives the promised increase of wickedness upon this earth (Matthew 24:12). The darkness of evil lengthens its shadow further over the blinded minds of mankind - Christians and pagans alike.

The days of the coasting Christian rapidly decline as many will depart the faith, and the love of most will grow cold.

The unpalatable season of standing firm, staying strong and praying hard is now upon each who would name Jesus as 'LORD'.

Righteousness is both God's plumb line for life (Isaiah 28:17) and His pedestal of love. Righteousness is the only correct foundation for love.

Righteousness calls to love selflessly - not lust indulgently.

I have to be confronted with righteousness before I can understand the deadliness of sin.

When the evil screams of this world demand a Christian's silence, or the promises of its sins allure, only one choice is reasonable - as with a young Joseph in Potiphar's household - do not agree, flee.

To flee sin is the wisdom to dishonor it.

To speak out against sin is to echo Noah. It is the honor of not shrinking back.

Today's Soul Snippet:

 "Religious performance is as hollow as death is long." Michael Cartwright

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