Of Cheers & Tears

Soul Snack 217/14 ... Cheers or tears lie before this world:

an elevation awaits - a reversal is in sight, for the abandoned and the neglected, the unseen and the unloved. Those detested by the world are closest to heaven's heart. It is upon the highways and the byways they traipse unnoticed by man but preserved by God, for cheers will soon replace their tears.

The Lord is coming from His dwelling, He has roused Himself and His patience is now short-lived.

Both the righteous and the wicked are held before Him. Their hearts are examined and their intents revealed.

Nothing at all is hidden from the eye of judgement that sees the earth and all that it contains in an instance.

The mighty are brought low and the weak elevated. The reverser of human fortunes establishes His throne forever. He is removing the usurpers of His rule and raising those who will never usurp.

The least are now becoming the most.

The last are becoming the first.

The lost are being found.

The lonely are becoming popular and

the vagrant is finding dignity.

No longer will the poor languish in degradation, or the weak linger forgotten.

No longer will the weary lose rest, or the rebellious receive victory.

No longer will the Lord tolerate the dishonorable gaining honor.

Heaven is now roused for both justice and judgement.

The obscure will rule because He rules the obscure.

God's grace remains sufficient for all who would call Him Lord. BUT His grace is impotent for those who would scoff, rebuke and malign Him -- they will fall in tears when they find that Jesus is Lord of all.

See, the Lord is coming out of his dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins. The earth will disclose the blood shed on it; the earth will conceal its slain no longer. (Isaiah 26:21)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The written word is worshipped but the living word is neglected." ~ Michael Cartwright

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This SoulSnack first appeared as the prophetic parable IMPOTENT GRACE on MyParable