Of Virtue & Vice

The world as it stands is at apocalyptic odds with the God of the Cross.

It is at very best curious to mankind when one pursues virtue against the tsunami that promotes vice 

Without a separation from this world that approaches God purity can never be understood, nor righteousness measured. There can be no correct assessments of morality and its boundaries.

What fellowship can I share with the Lord while ever I measure life as the world does?

What unity can I share with His Spirit of Truth while ever I ally my spirit to the false and wicked values of man?

What use can I be to the Lord while ever the world still holds all my most attractive lures?

Purity is the conduit of union with God, for it shares and wears the lenses of God.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Matthew 5:8)

(P.S. Only dead fish go with the flow.)

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Today's Soul Snippet:

"If your church shows you law while your heart screams for love, you are in a court not a church." ~ Michael Cartwright

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