On Calvary's Hill ~ Introduction


The Bible is rich with stories from yesterday that become equally powerful metaphors for the modern reader today. Biblical metaphors transport meaning and truth across time. This is a Divinely ordained tool, a necessary advantage that the truth of the Biblical narratives is not lost down the ages, from the realities of the ancient lives to our modern lives.

To briefly illustrate the point:

  • we are all in slavery, but to this day God's intentions remain the same. They are to release our shackles, free us from bondage and transport us to Canaan. OR
  • who has attempted to flee God and His call, venturing to their own Tarshish yet find themselves sunk and devoured in the deepest darkness crying repentantly to heaven?

On Calvary's Hill is the story of Jesus' life-nailing trek to Jerusalem, staring down betrayal and then murder. Max Lucado equally applies this path to the believer who too would resolutely set their face to Jerusalem, knowing the disapproval such decisions invite. (See Luke 9:51-53) 

Max Lucado is a wizard with the Biblical metaphors, two samples of his inspired thoughts:

  • As long as you hate your enemy, a jail door is closed and a prisoner is taken. (p29) OR
  • We, too, play games at the foot of the cross. (p59)

There are but two steps we must all pass through to resurrection, which you will discover as you read this Lenten Study Guide and consider a brief tangent or two.

Where might you be upon this smallest of ladders? You may even find yourself at Jerusalem.

NOTE - these brief studies are constructed exactly parallel to the 40 devotional thoughts Max Lucado writes in On Calvary's Hill. Technically they begin on February 17th 2016 and will conclude on Easter Day. BUT please use these studies as our Lord would guide. They are equally valuable for group use or as individual devotion.

These studies are offered:

  • completely free, and written by SoulSupply not Max Lucado.
  • completely independent of Max Lucado and Thomas Nelson Publishers. They imply or claim no endorsement from Lucado or Thomas Nelson Publishers.
  • on a daily basis to be as brief as Lucado's thoughts. They contain a question, a discussion, a Bible reference and/or a point for further reflection. 

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