One Night in a Leaky Boat

I sat. I pondered. I prayed. (Hmm .. who says a fella can't multi-task?) In this perplexing mood I enquired of myself (please be encouraged the voices in my head did remain silent this time) ...

what exactly is on my heart for my brothers and my sisters?

The answer bounced into my silence quite aggressively in just two words - FAITH ELEVATION.

Some time ago now, apparently random fishermen ditched their nets on Galilean sand to an abrupt messianic call. Not long after this (with the sand almost dry upon their toes) that very same messiah was nailed for the world to still see.

Subsequent to these historical events disciples have had no-where to lay their heads, they have hated their family and counted it to their benefit to suffer for Jesus. Some have given up massive wealth. Others have jettisoned mighty careers. The adulation of the world fled them but each gained so much more.

One storm-laden night upon Galilee's sea the Apostle Peter modeled faith. Peter stretched his frozen and sodden legs across small gunwales. He became the second man in history to walk on water. (Read the full story in Matthew 14:22-36)

"Faith is stepping out of the boat without any visible means of support."

Reason had no time to scream at Peter 'DON'T - YOU WILL DROWN' because his eyes were steady on Jesus and His call. Jesus already walked with no visible means of support. Peter saw this and copied.

The apostle Peter walked on water. John the Baptist lost his head. Archbishop Cranmer was burned at the stake. All these and so many more have lived by faith, disregarding the cost.

Faith is no mere intellectual assent -- it is a deliberate step by those improbable into the impossible.

Frequently reported these days are ice-bergs melting and hence the oceans' levels rising ... if only our hearts were too melting and our oceans of faith were becoming just that little bit deeper.

  1. Faith thinking aborts the reason of man and supports the reason of God.
  2. Faith is the fruit of the Tree of Life.
  3. Faith living is stepping into the darkness before the dawn, walking the towering waves before the calm.
  4. Faith elevation is reaching for the skies while still living on earth.

Now may I humbly ask ... what steps of faith is our Lord seeking of you that may still be shelved because of the scary storms that surround? His voice is warm and His saving arm remains outstretched.

For we live by faith and not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

Faithfulness carries its own rewards.

Today's Soul Snippet:

There were two trees in the Garden of Eden - one has seduced us and other has saved us.

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