Our Lord is Willing

God's eagerness to support His children, to pour His love over them and stand at their side can never be overstated - yet this too is an understatement.

Can human words ever express the unfathomable heart of the true God?

Eagerness sounds so hollow. His intentions, desires and heartbeat for His own can at best be falteringly spoken of by man.

For those who would trek the land of hardship and distress, of lions and lionesses, of adders and darting snakes (see Isaiah 30:6) it is wisest to simply allow our Lord to speak for Himself:

  • look to Me, the Holy One of Israel (Isaiah 31:1)
  • seek help from Me, the Lord (Isaiah 31:1)
  • in quietness and trust is your strength (Isaiah 30:15)
  • I the Lord longs to be gracious to you (Isaiah 30:18)
  • I rise to show you compassion (Isaiah 30:18) and
  • blessed are all who wait upon Me, the Lord. (Isaiah 30:18)

The willingness of God's heart to help cannot be measured by any heart that hurts, but it can be listened to.

Today's Soul Snippet:

There is no tongue that love cannot speak or disability that it cannot touch.

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