Outrunning A Volcano

Stealth temptation descends across our thoughts at various times as we blindly (and proudly) consider ourselves immune from sin and its enticements. The invitation is to climb a punishing volcano shrouded in a mist of foolishness. The severity of the temptation is clouded and so the ascent begins. This throat of fire allures by warm enticements that we assure ourselves we are no longer open to. 

The Holy Spirit of the Lord within (that each Christian carries) becomes more grieved the higher this volcanic slope is trekked. But man's deceiving spirit within cajoles don't worry you won't fall in or you know you can outrun a volcanic eruption - you are so spiritually fit.

Yet who will stop to ponder on the climb of this still silent, tempting mountainside their desire to sin?

As the feet tread upwards there is no threat, no fear, no hurt (yet), only a pleasing comfort.

BUT the HOLY Spirit within now squirms and wiggles. His aches are not far off. The HOLY Spirit is also compelled (for He has made each believer His dwelling) to walk this mountain of temptation knowing full well the pain of its unrighteous lava.

However for each believer who returns down the volcanic slope before reaching the summit, they find again honor from retreat and good life. They are freed to rest, no longer drawn uphill towards sin.

An old hymn reminds each would be volcano climber - yield not to temptation for yielding is sin each victory will help you some other to win.

To advance from sin is safe and is affirmed by Heaven.

To advance to sin is danger for what man can walk amidst burning coals and not be singed, or who can enter a live volcano and not lose his life?

It is better to not begin this volcanic climb than muster the strength to retreat, for the strength may not be there.

Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye. (Proverbs 7:2)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"My biggest problem in stopping with God is the echo within that claims I am doing 'nothing'."

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