Please Don't Wish Me a Merry Christmas!

Fierce disputes have long erupted upon the overlap of church and state.

In 1998 Stephen Feldman edited a book on just this topic - Please Don't Wish Me a Merry Christmas!

I wonder if Feldman's offering has in fact captured King Herod's attitudes reflected at that first Christmas, where the state (King Herod) only sought murder of the church (the Messiah)?

Magi - men who were not of Israel, came to Jerusalem enquiring about the one to be born 'King of the Jews'. King Herod (the wicked) soon heard this scuttle. Herod called the chief priests and law teachers together to enquire of the Messiah's birth. (Enjoy the full story here)

Herod that fox, sought the knowledgeable but lied to the wise.

The scribes held the answers, the religiously devout knew the way. The wise men knew far less.

Capably the scribes taught Herod the scriptures but did not move. The less informed wise men with open hearts did move.

Many too know the Christmas story to this day and refuse to follow, while others who don't still find Him.

Christmas does that, it separates those who will worship Jesus from those who will just party ignorantly in His name, bleating 'please don't wish me a Merry Christmas'.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Christmas is God knowing He is blamed for the gloom of this world, but deciding to return blame with blessings.

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