Please Rain on Me!

The Psalmist understood well the joy of the Lord, better than many. His words and thoughts offer a revival to any needy human spirit and soul.

'All my fountains are in You'. ~ Psalm 87:17

Fountains add to life.

Fountains are those bubbling wellsprings of refreshment that cool the air, favor the eyes and spray the body. It is only the people who draw close that feel the fountains and are replenished.

The fountain that is the Lord is life. It is a soaking in the abundance of heaven, a standing under heaven's soft streams.

At the Lord's fountain the willing stop and are immersed in God's love.

Within the Lord's fountain, beneath its spray is that pleasant drenching to the upright in heart. This is the place to cease activity, call to Him and wait patiently upon Him. The Lord delights in such a man's ways.

Stay under His fountain until you have drunk your fill.

'There is no telling how much power God can put in a man'. ~ Charles Spurgeon

O Lord, please rain on me. Amen 

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Let us keep a catalogue of God's blessings'. ~ Richard Stibbes

ENJOY too - All That Is Needed

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