Prior Blessings & Precious Promises

Memory is a powerful spiritual tool.

Both sadly and foolishly the Israelites only saw pain after their deliverance from Egypt through the Red Sea. (See full story in Exodus 13:17-14:31)

They forgot their past heartache and their miraculous salvation as they cast eyes down to the sands of Sinai, and trudged in grumpy sand-blasted circles. They forgot God's promise of rescue as soon as it was achieved. No progress was made forward in four decades.

Circle-work can become the lot of any Christian who only sees the present distress, who neglects God's prior blessings and precious promises.

The power of recall is a great driving force when the giants of the present wave their swords.

Promises from yesterday, etched upon any memory are the food for faith persistence; to gaze up at the guiding cloud and not down to the burning sands.

Yesterday's promises are an anchor in earth's gales until Heaven's tomorrow arrives. Search for and remember God's faithfulness and His promises, for they are your surety of tomorrow.

As with an elderly Abram so too this day; God still places impossible promises upon improbable people.

It remains true:

In God's hands barrenness is no more difficult for birth than the desert breaking out in blossoms. A dry womb can be as productive as dry land.

Has God not held on to you in the past? Will He not continue to do so in your future?

Before your soul faints, or your heart withers remember His prior blessings and His precious promises. It was yesterday you gained from them, and tomorrow you will live by them,

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The mind is the womb to activity, as the heart is the seat of the emotions'.

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