Re-setting the World

'History is heading somewhere'. ~ David Beasant

July14th's SoulSnack was published with a prophetic tinge only hours before France bled afresh for Evil still spills.

The French heart burns while the world turns increasingly restless. 

As France celebrated the storming of the Bastille on the14th July 1789, it too was again stormed. (AND as I tap away the net screams at me not only has terror revisited France but Turkey has descended into a failed deadly military coup). This world is not becoming a better place.

A large lorry lunged through a completely innocent crowd. The sickening wails of those watching or hurt, injured too the natural beauty of Nice. 

Re-set 1

The already super-tight French state of emergency was both sadly and deadly impotent.

There is no defeat of evil with the tools of man. Vainly man has attempted this since Cain murdered Abel. 

10,000 police and troops at the ready in Paris since November 2015 were insignificant to the point of ridicule, unavailable for the other side of a nation. History is heading somewhere.

Sword does not quell sword. Tears are at best the only result.

Re-set 2

Evil is a spiritual battle, well before it is a physical one. The physical cannot even test, let alone defeat the spiritual. The natural is toothless when faced by the supernatural. This earth, this visible universe is not all there is. Reality is not measured by the five senses. Reality lives eternally beyond any mere man's perceptions. Human imagination can not account for all it is unable to see, try as it might. History is heading somewhere.

Mankind's skills are as impotent to prevent evil as legislation is incompetent.

Re-set 3

The human heart is wicked beyond imagination. None can truly understand the heart of man but the mind of God. Each human requires a heart transplant. Jesus is the ONLY capable surgeon. Mankind's heart rhythmically beats 'I can solve all my problems without the Lord'. This is the thinking of Babylon. Such beliefs failed in pre-history, and have ever since.

It is impossible for human words and swords to change human behavior.

The world correctly condemns the events of Nice, but man's words are as frail and hollow as they are they are short. History is heading somewhere.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. (Ezekiel 36:26)

As with any human, so too a world without the Prince of Peace is a world always at war. Come Lord Jesus, COME and RE-SET this world.

'History is heading somewhere'. ~ David Beasant

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Faith defeats fear.

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