Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes

Spiritual heroes, who truly knows of them?  

Surely the greatest men of faith to this day choose to remain unknown? 

You too can become a spiritual hero. (But - first aim for anonymity).

The two best choices for an heroic faith are:

1) Feed it.

The first spoonful to feed your faith each day is from the Word. Pick up a tablespoon rather than a teaspoon and plate this meal up as breakfast. This was Jesus' practise, so it is wise enough for you too.

Select another spoonful too from your faith pantry, reach for a Christian hero (or many) to add food to your faith.

We all have actors and sports stars that are heroes, choose one of faith and nobility - not merely one of fame and ability.

My Bible heroes are Elijah and John the Baptist (BUT please note - Jesus is the one I worship).

The Bible contains a cast of fragile heroes larger than the old movie Ben Hur. Study, learn, mimic and be inspired by them.

Find too a favorite Christian hero, not of Scripture. These can be far more easy to relate to than an ancient hero. Your hero may still be alive. Billy Graham would be a wise choose.

I have a few 'modern heroes'. Hudson Taylor pleases me most. I must too add four others who loom very large upon my soul:

  • Leonard Ravenhill,
  • Aiden Wilson Tozer,
  • Alexander Benjamin Simpson and
  • Charles Thomas Studd.

It is from the finding of heroes that the multiplication of their strong faith and good hearts floods the spirit. Now life's deeper purposes are discovered and the vanities of this world fade.

Real heroes don't wear capes.

2) Exercise it.

Obey. Listen for Jesus' voice in the storm, and hang with Him in the calm. 

Sit at Jesus' feet with attentive ears and undistracted eyes, ready to step out of the boat and obey. Then walk on water and look for Jesus' outstretched arm.

PLEASE NOTE: as Peter walked on water towards our Lord, he too wore no cape.

'Jesus must increase, I must decrease.' ~ John the Baptist

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Of two evils, choose neither.' ~ Charles Spurgeon

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