Sheer Lunacy

The minds of men vainly attempt to sabotage the words of God.

The truth remains, God's word is not subject to mankind's mind, either individually or collectively. No man can hold the Lord to account.

The persistent deceit is that human reason is well-equipped to reduce Divine revelation.

Men sit in judgement upon the spoken truths from He who no man comprehends. At best this is foolishness, but to any firm mind of faith, it is sheer lunacy.

The Lord seeks counsel from no man. Nor should He, for then He could not be called 'Lord'.

It is Jesus who has made the Father known.

Men do not know God because they refuse to approach Jesus.

It is the Holy Spirit of Truth who applies the Divine truths to humble and approaching souls. These lives do not contradict Him, but instead carry the entirely needed faith of a child.

The minds of men, the loftiest of intelligence are not even a puddle God could draw fresh water from.

At best a reasoned mind of man can only recreate God in his fallen image. A mind without faith cannot but reason he is at the center of the universe. He is thus doomed to only explain God away.

There can never be two fountains of wisdom, for there is only one from eternity.

Faith trumps reason every time.

It is not the lunatic who lives by faith and not by sight, but he who lives by sight and not by faith.

For we live by faith and not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

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'Praise binds the heart to Heaven.'

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