The Most Famous American Sermon

The year was 1741, with a striking absence of emotion the guest preacher - Pastor Jonathon Edwards rattled the hearts of those seated before him. The results were profound. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God cast the good old days of fire and brimstone preaching.

What shall I do to be saved ... bounced off old and weary church walls as many hearts bled in a spiritual pain.

'People became bowed down with an awful conviction of their sin and danger.' (John Currid)

'The focus of the sermon is on the predicament of the sinner, how dreadfully he dangles just before he plunges to eternal agony, and while he still has time to repent and be saved.' (E.H. Cady)

The problem of sin has not abated, but rather hotly multiplied through the seasons across three centuries.

What can natural man bring to the altar of the cross,

What can natural man offer to quench God's anger,

What can natural man profess at his last assize, ... nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Let us not neglect our eternal souls - Jesus didn't!

Today's Soul Snippet:

'No one can ever be too heavenly minded to be of any earthly use.'