The Praise Pier

Soul Snack 105 ... The Praise Pier

'Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence'. Ps 89:15

With surgical precision the white ball cannons into the pink ball. Instantly it is deposited into the accompanying side pocket. Immediately another deft cue action crashes the white into the black. It reels across the green carpet, bouncing recklessly off 3 cushions before stopping frustratingly close to a corner pocket.

The external force that acts on these balls can be sometimes harsh, sometimes gentle. The ball unaware of any impending collision. Equally ignorant too of where it will stop.

As with a billiard ball, it is so easy to bounce and collide through life. External collisions can cause us to roll uncontrolled into an unseen destination. This is not a position of favour (blessing).

God does have a position of favour. It is to 'walk in the light' and to not be 'pushed into darkness.' To 'walk in the light' is the end result of praising Him, enjoying His presence.

To 'walk in the light of His presence' is to:

  • enjoy a regular and constant attitude (thoughts) of praise (and not indulgence)

  • 'see' the correct path to make right decisions (i.e. to walk in the paths of righteousness).

  • speak the wise and timely words of comfort and affirmation and to

  • enjoy healthy and positive thinking processes.

Preceding this wonderful walk is learning to praise Him. This is simply enjoying being in His presence, dwelling on Him and not on me. I offer Christ compliments and not simply complaints.

Praise is the pier that life well-being is built upon. It is the path to favour (blessing).

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