Children of choice


“when I was woven together … your eyes saw my unformed body, all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." (Ps 139:15-16b)

Absolutely countless numbers of children arrive on this difficult planet, not resulting from a parent's desire, but simply as ‘accidents'. This happens every second of every day.

This world can have cruel and unkind ways of dealing with these ‘accidents'. Insulting words of description are common. God does not work this way. In fact God chose Himself, to Father an ‘illegitimate child'.

This passage is clear. To God's mind every birth is legitimate and deliberate. Nothing at all is hidden from God, nor can any event or person surprise Him. He knows us well before we know ourselves. Our birth is His choice, indeed His desire. God does not have ‘accidents'. He creates no mistakes.

The natural ability to ‘knock another' does not bring good to the soul (even when shrouded in jest). God neither knocks me nor mocks me. I am no 'accident'. He sees me and knows me. He wants to walk beside me. Even if my parents did not choose me, I AM HIS child of choice!

No one 'can sneak up' on God.