The Simple Heart

Soul Snack 8/16 ... The Simple Heart

"the Lord protects the simple hearted" (Ps 116:6a)

God declares His interests, His hands are open, His values so self-evident..

God has painted boundary lines in the sky. He has described His values. He has hung them from the clouds. His ways are to be known to all.

The Throne of Grace constantly resists the ambitions of the indulgent, the greed of the God-negligent, and the desires of the power-pursuer.

This Throne of Grace engages with the simple hearted, loves the sober self assessment (Rms 12:3) and honors their pleas.

The child who so confidently (yet foolishly) resists dad's help and refuses instruction is unable to receive the assitance of a gracious, willing and capable father.

The child dependent on his father, teachable by dad's words, who looks to the father's guidance will always receive aid.

This simple heart remains secure knowing it needs outside assistance. It will see the outstretched arms, will feel the presence of a very close dad, and receive His incalculably wise counsel. Such a simple heart will also gain an eternally impregnable protection.

Trust in Jesus - don't walk earth without it!

Please give me today a simple heart, that trusts in you more than it trusts in me. I know that in you alone is safety and protection. Amen.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Jesus turns bruising into blessing.