Owning Heaven

Soul Snack 8/19 ... OWNING HEAVEN

“Show me O Lord my life's end, and the number of my days, let me know how fleeting my life is." Ps 39:4

There is no room for pride if I can pray this prayer of the Psalmist.

Pride is filling myself with me. It is thinking I have control over my fleeting days.

God will caress the poor in spirit, but crush the proud. He is close to the humble but far from the proud. (Ps 138:6).

An empty person before God's throne is soon filled. An empty person is ‘poor in sprit'. To such God gives heaven.(Mt 5:3)

The humble own heaven. God dependence sees the humble invited to, and then given, heaven.

My life's purpose then becomes pursuing and promoting the greatness of another. (And no longer myself)

This earthly season of spiritual poverty will lead to far greater things on earth, and then eternal riches. Becoming poor in spirit is how Jesus gets into my mind.

Father, I humbly thankyou for Jesus. Please show to me my pride, that I may know no hindrance in drawing close to you. AMEN

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