Delighting God

Soul Snack 8/22 ... Delighting God

Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule..." (Gen 1:26a)

Smoothly her potter's wheel spun. Damp and muddied hands enjoyed the sensation yet again. Eyes feastedon this nearly completed project. No carelessness in her workmanship.

Intellectually, the wrestle continued! There was no pain only pleasure in this wrestle. What was more satisfying, the joy of creating or the joy of the finished creation? This thought spun through her mind, almost with the same frequency that the pot spun in her hands.

Finished, glazed and colourful items filled the shelves and cabinets. All ready for sale to eager souvenir seeking tourists.

Daily, shapes are created with the perfectly accurate skill of a master craftsman. No creation more perfect. No creation more favoured.

This potter finds equal joy in the process and in the product.

Each day God devotes Himself joyfully to the shaping of me. This work for me He does not neglect. I am in His skillful hands. God's hands shape for help not harm. It brings joy to Him to work with me. He delivers His perfect craftsmanship to me. This goodness, He lovingly shapes me with.

The experiences of the day, the blessings and the burdens, the chance encounters and the random words are all Him shaping me.

The product of my final perfection is guaranteed. The joy in the process of shaping me, brings equal pleasure to God; He just likes working with me. He still wants to make me in His image.

To permit God to shape me daily is to bring delight to Him and His well-being to me.