Opening Heaven

Soul Snack 8/42 ... Opening Heaven

This God has deliberately and generously presented Himself to Israel. This is unique and unheard of in the Ancient Near East. An unwarranted privilege, an opportunity never to be underestimated. The sadness of these words surely echo through the portals of heaven. God Himself unwanted!

"... I revealed myself to them..." (Ezekiel 20:5)

These words of self revelation now echo rejection. This echo of rejection claims well over a millenia of history.

The gravity of these five words are eternal. The impact of these 5 words: judgement!

God too, has chosen to introduce Himself to me. He has not constrained or hidden Himself from me. Neither should I undervalue God's approach. Devotion is now my pleasing diligence, and now my delight for each day.

God revealing Himself is God wanting to be part of my pleasures and my pains. He does not want to withdraw all, or withhold all from me. (God does not willingly bring suffering on any one.)

He has also thrown heaven open for me. He simply wants to share Himself with me. (Israel could not just get this message.)

His self revelation is my invitation to relationship. Not all are invited, not all accept. But, I am and I have!

Heaven is still open to me. Heaven is never closed. God's self revelation knows no vacation, public holidays or sick leave. It never sleeps in.

Thank you Father that daily you are friendly to me. This friendship I want to give to you each day as well. Amen.