Soul Snack 8/43 ... D.N.A.

Capturing life's DNA is most difficult. The building blocks that construct me can be so hard to describe.The times of joy, the moments of significance or the periods of pleasure, most finite. The successes are as transitory as the losses. The fame as fleeting as daily newspapers.

Likewise the wrestles, the wars and the weariness are as finite as they are frequent.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? Romans 8:35

Flowing through these fixed times across the waves of both fun and fear is the constancy of divine goodwill.

Assiduously, He is working for my good. No malevolence can separate me from His good love.

He did not even spare His Son for my well being. His kind, good intentions are etched through time's corridors. There can never be an impediment to the delivery of His goodwill.

In the midst of pleasure and in the midst of pain, His will for me has not changed. His power perfect to complete His desires.

He still delights to act graciously in my life and give me all good things. It so hurts God when I forget this. It so hurts Him when I think I can be removed from His love, that He is not strong enough to come through for me.

Now written in a crimson stained eternity is that He first gave me Jesus. He did not spare His only son for my permanent well-being. His good intentions for me were identical 2000 years ago.

God is fully for me, He knows no self constraint to make these intentions reality. This is the DNA of my life.

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