Working well

Soul Snack 92 ... Working Well

'... be like a dove that makes its nest at the mouth of a cave...' Jer. 48:28b

He dreamt a picture from heaven, as yet unseen and unrealised!

Sealed picturesquely beneath a bright blue sky, unending verdant pastures lay. This most comfortable spaciousness encroached by a canopy of people. They appeared as an army would; ready to move.

Scattered across these splendid pastures were four groups as far as the eye could see. Each group a different size.

Centered in the first group was Jesus. This small and judicious gathering listened attentively as Jesus spoke over the map laid on the damp grass before them.

Well beyond this group gathered around Jesus a vast horde was visible. This horde also consisted of people groups.

The first of these groups was diligently engaged in tilling the soil to sow seed for food. Food to feed His army. However, consumed in their occupation they did not see their transcience. Their efforts would be elusive. They would be long gone, before any sprout would ever nudge its way skyward.

The subsequent group from this vast horde was busily employed designing and making uniforms. Uniforms they believed would be of great assistance to His army.

Below this glorious sky another group gathered. Their efforts indulged physical training. Group exercise would maintain their fitness.

Countless others strolled leisurely across the lush ankle deep pastures. They walked and they talked. They laughed and they played. Fruitlessly they occupied time waiting for His army to move.

As the dream concluded all was revealed to him. All Jesus requires of His followers, is that they would gather around Him in submission and respect. When the time was correct for the army to advance, their place in the conflict would be clear. His army would then function as a disciplined mobile and useful unit.

The people not listening to Jesus knew salvation, however they would be useless in the approaching conflict.

(These previously unpublished thoughts used with permission and edited.)

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